IT Projectmanagement in my view

Everybody knows the statistics: most of the ICT projects are not successful. Looking in more detail, the statistics tell you that projects are not delivered within time and/or within scope. Almost none show the level of customer satisfaction when the software is delivered and operational. Isn’t this strange? Shouldn’t this be the primary driver whether a project is successful? In the end, if a project is delivered within time and budget and built according to agreed specifications, but the end-users do not see the reasons to use the software, it will never be used.

Classic project ideas say that when the scope is clear and fixed, the project will be manageable in terms of time and scope. In my view this idea is usable for mass production, doing the same thing over and over again. Software development and implementation however is always unique. No 2 projects are the same so why try to handle them all the same?


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